What is the process of book publishing of Redgrab Books?

Redgrab Book`s brief publishing process –

  1. Author, sends his entry (Highlights of a manuscript and other stuff)
  1. Generally after submission of the manuscript, you will get the confirmation mail in revert within 2 working days, that if you don’t get any response within 4 working days then take confirmation whether Redgrab Books have got your mail or not.
  1. Our editorial board will go through your submission and let you know whether your submission got selected or not. Generally, this process takes the time of a month. If your submission clears stage 1 then only we will ask your complete manuscript, further our editorial board will go through the same thoroughly and let you know about the status of the submission.
  1. If we select your manuscript for publishing then we will share the format of contract between publisher & author.
  1. If author agrees to the format of contract between publisher & author then the legal formalities of publisher – author contract shall takes place.
  1. The publisher sends a draft of Terms & Conditions, which if the author agrees to completely, without any reservations, the agreement between Publisher and Author is executed only after which, the publishing process is initiated on the manuscript.
  1. Redgrab Books considers manuscripts only if they are typed electronically, edited by a professional editor and proofread by a professional proofreader. Such a refined manuscript is referred to as ‘Ready to Print’ file. The responsibility of providing a ‘Ready to Print’ file to the Publisher is owned completely by the Author.
  1. After receiving the manuscript, the publication house takes decision to proceed with publishing process based on structure and elegance of the submitted manuscript. In case the manuscript is not received in ‘Ready to Print’ format, the manuscript will be returned to the author to re-work on proofreading and editing for re-submission.
  1. If the author sends a complete manuscript and if the publisher is satisfied with it being in ‘Ready to Print’ format, then the layout of the book is created as per standards followed at ‘Redgrab Books’.
  1. Redgrab Books holds the right of first announcement of any upcoming book being published by Redgrab Books. In addition, the launch of the book cover on public platforms is also carried out on a date decided by Redgrab Books.
  1. The promotions of a book are carried out according to pre-planned marketing strategies of Redgrab Books.
  1. The whole publishing process of a book takes approximately six months.

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