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How To Prepare For Submission

“Beautiful presentation of art is also an art”

Most of the times, Author gets confused and anxious regarding manuscript submission to the publisher.

How to send?

What to send?

Complete manuscript?

Only summary? Half manuscript?

Only climax?

If you also have all these doubts then don`t worry & get answers from the following link

Besides this keep following things also in mind :

  • When we ask, that you are sending a complete manuscript in all respects then make sure that no work remaining in typing, proofreading, editing etc.
  • Our major condition for publishing the book in traditional manner is manuscript should be typed, proofread and edited by professionals according to the publishing standards.
  • Sometimes a good manuscript is so poorly presented that editorial board rejects it without considering the content quality, to avoid these things you can take advice or consult with experienced authors or professionals.
  • If you have any marketing strategy or ideas of promotion of book then keep it to yourself only, when we ask for the same then only share with us via E-mail.
  • If this is not your first book then don`t forget to attach the details of previously penned books in author profile.
  • At the time of submission please don’t pretend to be the bestseller or any other vague imagination or thought about the book.