Krishna : In his last days

Product description

Krishna occupies a unique place in Indian history and tradition. Hindus have accepted him as an incarnation of God, but keeping in view the sprit of present scientific age people want to know if he really existed. The European scholars put a big question mark on his existence and gave a preconceived view that he is a myth. Apart from this the British Sanskritists, due to their superior views about themselves, had developed the idea that the much of the Vedic beliefs, practices and legends have been incorporated from Bible and the stories of Jesus.

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About the Author

Dr. Ashok Sharma, retired from Central Bank of India is known for his writings with historical and my mythological characters in centre. His previous publications ‘Krishna: Antim Dino Mein’, ‘Seeta Sochtee Theen……’ and ‘Sita Ke Jane Ke Baad Ram’ are known for his factual approach and excellent composition of characters. His two collections of poems ‘Shri Krishna Sharnam’ and ‘Mere Pankh Mera Aakash’ are also published. The specialty of his writing is that he never compromises with the pride and glory of any mythological character yet maintaining very interesting and readable nature of the book. The modern trend of writings in Hindi and English literature is known as ‘stream of consciousness’. Dr. Ashok Sharma has conscientiously linked himself with this school as his writings reveal.