The dawn at dusk

Product description

A Society wounded by power struggles and divided along caste lines is slipping into an all-pervasive decay. The religious scriptures are being interpreted according to their convenience. Resentment is brewing in depressed classes. In this backdrop, the king of the Yaduvanshis and his scheming priests turn a beautiful Brahmin lady Shatvari into a bloodthirsty Chandaal warrior. Exploited and shattered, Shatvari hunts a magical Yantra and the spiritual powers it contains. But in her single-minded pursuit of revenge, she falls victim to the curse lurking within the very same miraculous powers.¬†Elsewhere, the young Nishaad King Neel, courtesans Amodini and Vaishali and the Yaduvanshis’ nemeses the Raghuvanshis, gear up to enter the fray as well. What heavenly powers lie within the Yantra and what curse stays the hands of those who would unleash them? Can Shatvari survive that curse and harness those powers? Will the Yadvanshis’ other enemies help Shatvari seek her vengeance? Or will the story end in an all-out war?

About the Author

Sandeep Nayyar is a mechanical engineer by qualification, an IT consultant by profession and a writer by choice. Born in 1969, Sandeep has had a great flair and passion for writing since his early childhood. Despite qualifying as an engineer he has also worked as a journalist and has written regular columns for various newspapers and magazines. Sandeep now lives in the UK with his wife and two children.