The forefathers

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The story of Rama is deeply ingrained in the minds of the people of India. In my story, Ravan is not a villain. It is rather a story of the clash of two cultures. In part-I, the readers will meet the characters of Ramayan. However, the introduction of the characters is much more elaborate than we normally know. For example, Ravan’s clan has been started from Sumali, but cursory information on the forefathers of Rakshas culture Heti and Praheti has also been given. Likewise, an attempt has been made to present a sketch of the three marriages of Dashrath and his sub-wives as well. The episode of the birth of Bali and Sugreev and their upbringing by Gautam and Ahalya and their becoming the adopted sons of the monkey Raja (King) Riksharaj and likewise, the marriage of Kesri and Anjana and then the birth of Hanuman have been logically presented. Similarly, the affair between Ravan and Vedvati leading to the birth of Sita has also been sketched. This volume ends with the birth of Sita.
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