The struggle of my life

Product description

At almost every turn of life, we have to face a war against every odd; be it time, reality, society or ourselves.

We take part in this so called “War” with all our strength to win it at any cost. The irony of this encounter is that; even though we know that we’re going to lose it but we still keep fighting till the very end.

Why ?

Because, in this moment of fighting; we put aside our intellectual abilities and allow our hearts to rule our entire world.

We believe in that one last ‘toss’ , which can alter the result.

Our minds might be pragmatic, the struggle might seem invincible, the times might turn darker; but the soul has got one last Trust in one ‘Unknown thing‘   that screams,

“Things could turn out to be in our Favour……., Give it a try”

So this Novel is about a struggle triangle; where a guy fortunately or unfortunately reaches a situation where he has to choose only one among love, career, and dream. This book is not just a novel, it’s an emotional journey of a small town guy with ineludible alarums and excursions of politics and so-called double standards of society.

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About the Author

Sachin Chauhan aka Kshem Pratap is a software developer, who works with a prestigious MNC of USA. He was born and brought up in a very small town of Uttar Pradesh, called Chandausi. Apart from reading and writing, the author has a keen interest in Indian mythology and spirituality. He loves to discuss about ‘Science and Spirituality’ in the wee hours of the night with a selected few crazies. A blanket of stars and a bed of dreams are his favourite places to tuck in. Occasionally he loves playing soccer, his favourite game. He is crazy about rock music and he also loves to write lyrics for local bands.