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Urban Lights

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Everyone tells a story.

Some inside their own head.

Few to the whole world.

Urban Lights is a collection of poignant and heart-warming stories of various people and their lives. Loss or gain, love or pain, joy or sorrow, these are slices of lives that leave an enduring impression on their souls. Stories, which if untold will render the characters anguished.

Written by Vishal Anand after the huge success of 37 + Grace Marks and Emotions Unplugged, Urban Lights takes you on a breezy journey. A journey of simple souls. A journey of simple emotions. A journey of simple affairs. And, the journey assures to feel good!


Review –

“…deals with human emotions with deep sensitivity and sensibility.” – The Hindu

“Anand is a perfect example of a small town boy with big time success.” – Hindustan Times

“Author who is creating ripples in the literary circuit.” – The Telegraph

“… real and inspired by people and their experiences.” – The Pioneer

“Numerous emotions make this book a thought provoking journey.” – The Asian Age

“Very real to life.” – Anand Neelakantan, Indian Author, Columnist, Screenwriter, Television Personality and Motivational Speaker

“Vishal’s writing touches every heart.” – Ajay K Pandey, Bestselling Author of ‘You are the Best Wife’, ‘Her Last Wish’ and two more books


About the Author –

Vishal Anand is the author of two bestselling books – Emotions Unplugged and 37 + Grace Marks. His books have not just carved a niche in the readers’ heart, but have also remained popular since its release.

Vishal works in the marketing team of a digital transformation, infrastructure, security, and product engineering services company, based out of Bangalore.


From the Publisher –

  • You write in two genres – Romance and Short Stories. How does it feel writing in different genres?

Vishal Anand: Do I? Romance, Relationship, Friendship – All are essential parts of life. Isn’t it? I write about each and every part of life in my stories. You can’t categorize my writings into one genre. The idea is to tell you beautiful stories. Stories of real people. Stories that make you laugh. Stories that make you cry. Stories that make you learn from them.

  • Who should read Urban Lights?

Vishal Anand: I believe, everyone should! While there are several take aways for the youth from the book, it really gives a nostalgic feeling to others. The book has humour, love, inspiration, suspense and so many other emotions that I am sure, each one of you will be able to relate to it easily. If you want a light read that engrosses you and yet takes you on a ride to a memory lane – you would love Urban Lights.

  • How do you get ideas for stories that are so different from each other?

Vishal Anand: My ideas come to me in the midst of living. A lot of these stories are based or inspired from my personal life. There are incidents that has happened with my friends or ‘friends of friends’. I write about them. I also meet a lot of people and communicate to them. Thanks to social networks! I tell their stories.

  • You have included the issue of marital rape in the story The Touch of Fear. What drew you to this topic?

Vishal Anand: I believe marital rape is an important issue in our country and is needed to be spoken about. I would consider it as a form of domestic violence. A physical beating is not the only crime a woman faces behind closed doors. Several of them are victims of marital rape and they never realize that their own husbands are not entitled to use their bodies to quench their lust. A few of these women choose to reciprocate. However, most of the time, they don’t realize that they don’t have to be in love, if they don’t want to.

  • Do you have a favourite character from the book? Or a favourite story?

Vishal Anand: That’s a tricky question! It’s difficult to choose one favourite character from the book. Still if you ask me, I would say Vikalp from The First Love is my favourite character. I have lived that character when I was sixteen.

  • What is the most exciting thing for you about writing stories?

Vishal Anand: I feel it’s the readers’ messages that excite me the most. When I started writing stories, I never realized that I would be able to change the way they think. It fulfills me as a writer and excites me as an individual.

  • Will you write any more short story collections?

Vishal Anand: I might. However, as of now, I would stick to romance. There are few love stories that are in process to come. And, trust me, they are very different from each other.


  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Publisher: Redgrab books; First edition (28 April 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-9387390638

Amazon link – http://bit.ly/urbanlig

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