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Born in 1990, Neeraj Mittal’s father jokingly claims that Panauti (misfortune) entered their home with his birth. ‘The Sorry Book’ marks his debut, with aspirations for more to follow.
He could not seek Maa Saraswati’s blessings as far as studies are concerned. He is a college dropout, typical gujju business minded person. Still his father tried to get his studies completed. He also studied in four different colleges within three years of span. First college, B.Sc., for six months… Second college, Mechanical Engineering, for two months… Third college, Computer Engineering, for fifteen days… And in the fourth college, he left home in the morning for classes and in noon Vice Chancellor himself dropped him home from college.
But jokes apart currently he contented life as a super sucessful businessman in Gujarat. When asked about marriage, he jokingly responds, “Are you not enjoying my happiness?”

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“Before, I only cared for movies, but 'The Sorry Book' opened my eyes to the captivating world of books.”
Riya Agarwal
“I had read Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta, and Ravinder Singh, but after 'The Sorry Book,' it felt like I hadn't truly read anything until now!”
Abhishek Shah
“To describe this book, all I can say is, 'There are no words.'”
Panna Patel

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