Just A Few Lies by Sandeep Sharma





Product Description – Understanding a writer’s mind is a complicated thing. He imagines, presumes, and sometimes anticipates reality and tries to blend everything with fiction. His mind is a giant maze of his own creativity but what happens when the maze starts to peep out of imagination and enter reality?

Anant, a bestselling ‘Superstar’ author can feel the end of his era as his words are now betraying him, and just to keep his legacy going, he is looking for the ‘Next Anant’ of the industry.

Mysteriously, one day he lands on Sagarika’s blog and gets amazed to know that all her blog posts are inspired by real-life incidents of Anant himself. On the other hand, Anant’s mental problem that had traumatized his childhood is haunting him again. He somehow is feeling that Sagarika is hiding something and Anant is desperate to find everything about her.

What exactly is happening with Anant?

Who this Sagarika really is?

What lies are being spoken in the veil of finding the next ‘Superstar Bestselling Author’?

Answer lies behind ‘Just A Few Lies’.



About the Author – Sandeep Sharma, the bestselling author of 6 books including the most talked-about titles The Coin and The Stalker, has become the author to look forward when it comes to thrillers in India. Sandeep Sharma is professionally a banker with SBI and writes books out of hunger to pursue his passion for stories that haunts as well as force the readers to think about how far a person could go to achieve something. He is an award-winning author. One of his short stories got nominated for Amazon’s Pen To Publish competition as well in the year 2018. He is also working as a screenwriter for Telugu Film Industry.



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