Myra- The evil lies within By Madhuri Vijay

Product Description – Myra
The evil lies within..
“Life disgusts me, death soothes me.”
A disturbed teenager Myra, who thinks she is the destruction of the future, sets out on a quest to unravel the past of her parents. Little does she know that the murky past was best left untouched. Now that she has begun her pursuit of truth, she cannot stop and there is no going back.
What started as a little night adventure turns into a web of nightmares and she has no way out but to go till the end and face the truth. Venom- The naked truth propels her to trudge through the treacherous tangle of secrets, vendetta, greed, and deceit.
“You can even get away from the clutches of death,
You might even escape from burning hell but
You can never turn your back to the venom.”
When she starts to connect the dots of her parents’ past and VENOM, she realizes the underlying danger waiting to explode.
How far does she go to uncover the truth? Brace yourselves for a mind-bending thriller with unexpected twists, complex characters, and a riveting plot that will keep you hooked till the end.
Let’s meet the dysfunctional family!
Myra – A girl who is raw and undone, who wears her dark and ugly side as armor to fight her inner demons.
Hanna – A strong woman who holds her family together and protects them at all costs, a lioness who guards her territory.
Abhi- A doting father, a loving husband with a creative mind of an artist thriving to survive as a simple man in a world full of competition.


About the Author – Madhuri is the author of free souls, a book that celebrates the spirit of life and has garnered much love from its readers. An HR professional by day, novelist by night, she currently resides in the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore. Along with her love for books and dance, she also enjoys her time with nature.

Her second novel Myra is an honest endeavor of writing a dark and bold novel with flawed characters and a complex storyline. She is always in awe while reading Agatha Christie’s books and murder mysteries and hopes to blow away her readers with this layered thriller. You can connect with her on her Instagram handle madhuri.vijayakumar


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