The inescapable curse By Sandeep Nayyar





Product Description – In the glorious post-Vedic era, Dandaka is a forest kingdom in central India. Green and prosperous. Neighboring states have their eyes on the wealth of Dandaka. Kosala in the north, Andhra south, Vidarbha in the west and Kalinga to the east. The main concern of the young king of Dandaka, Mukund Verma, is to save his kingdom from the evil eyes of the neighbouring states unaware that the real enemy is lurking within his own state. The emperor of the mighty neighboring kingdom of South Kosala, Rudrasen, launches a wanton attack on Dandaka with the help of the internal enemy. Dandaka not only faces external attack but is also to become victim to internal rebellion. With the shrewd war strategies of the young queen Kusumlata, Dandaka succeeds in humbling its enemies to the dust. The defeated and humiliated Rudrasen is determined to take revenge on Kusumlata but is also frightened by the strategic shrewdness of the young queen. In his desperate desire to defeat Kusumlata, Rudrasen yearns to get a magical yantra and the spiritual powers it contains, blind of the knowledge that the yantra is cursed. In his frantic pursuit to obtain the magical yantra, Rudrasen must compete with rival seekers of the yantra. What heavenly powers lie within the yantra and what curse stays the hands of those who would unleash them? Who finally manages to get hold of the yantra and who will become the victim of its curse? Read the fascinating tale of magical realism, book 2 of ‘The Chronicles of Kosala’ trilogy, ‘The Inescapable Curse’.



About the Author – Sandeep Nayyar is a Mechanical Engineer by discipline, an IT expert by profession and a creative writer by choice. Born in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh state in Central India on August 20, 1969, he is now a British citizen. Sandeep has had a great flair for writing since an early age. After doing his B.E. with honors, Sandeep became a working journalist for a couple of years. He wrote a weekly column for Saptahik Hindustan, a literary weekly published by The Hindustan Times group. The then young professional came back to Mechanical Engineering in 1991 and worked with Reliance Industries. He migrated to the United Kingdom on a job assignment and finally settled there in 2000. Now he regularly writes for literary portals and magazines. Sandeep also manages a website, which provides a platform for an ecosystem of people engaged in the writing occupations. Sandeep’s literary works have received immense praises and critical acclaims from readers and critics alike.



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