The Kalapani Rebellion

Product Description- Despite being a slave, Chinappa was living second to a king’s life in Kalapani Island, but things took an ugly turn when he committed a deadly mistake once again. He asked his master something that he shouldn’t have asked.
Now, his master wants him dead, slaves want him dead, everyone wants him dead. Fell out of favour, Chinappa belonged to no one.
Time was running out of his hand. Once Mibaap would return, Chinappa would be fed to hungry dogs.
On the island where a slave distrust a slave, can Chinappa unite all slaves to rebel against the evil master once he called his friend. Will he survive the odds? Will the rebellion against the Nicobar Mining Company succeed?

About the Author –  Ajay Fatehpura Bhomiyan, 1985- born, self-learner, history enthusiast, author. The Bachelor of Nahargarh is the first book in the Chinappa vs Tsaraslan series, followed by The Kalapani Rebellion. He is currently working on The Siege of Benares, the third installation of this series. He enjoys hiking, loves exploring the wilderness. He lives near Chambal, surrounded by dacoits.

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