The Ten Incarnations, Their Relevance & The Trinity of Goddesses By Dr Ashok Sharma





Product Description – This book deals with the ten incarnations of Bhagwan Vishnu, who is the controller of every aspect of this universe. He is the preserver of all the creation. He is not a God sitting in his heavenly abode and looking down from there. From time to time, he incarnates in different forms to ensure the rhythm of the world runs smoothly. He is the essence of life.
There is also a description of three goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Durga.



About the Author – Dr. Ashok Sharma, a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Lucknow and retired from the Central Bank of India is a name not new in the field of literature. He is known for his writings with historical and mythological characters in the center. His previous publications ‘Krishna: Antim Dino Main’, its English version ‘Krishna: In his last Days’, ‘SitaSochtiTheen’, ‘Sitakejaneke Bad Ram’, ‘Shiv’, ‘Soorpnakha: EkLadkiAlag Si’, EkKiran Ki Vapsi’and then ‘AnjaniSut Ki Atmkatha’have largely been applauded by readers.
The specialty of his writings is that he maintains the interesting and readable nature of the book, but never compromises the pride and glory of any mythological character.



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