Walk Away

Product Description-An idyllic life was what Rashi desired to have.
What she experienced was the exact opposite.
Where did she go wrong? Most importantly, was it her fault?
She could choose between being submissive or, walking away.
Either way liberation could be achieved but the price to be paid was high. The choice was hers to make.

This book is a testimony of hope, courage and sheer grit in the face of adversity faced by a woman who walks through doors in search of the right answer.

About the Author –  The author has followed a diverse writing pattern that includes mini reads, short stories, free verse and newspaper articles. In 2018 her first book – a biography for children based on the early life of the Ruler of Sharjah was released at the Sharjah International Book Fair followed by a YA sci-fi that found its way into the Guinness Book of World Records. Anitha Padanattil has also translated a Tamil and Malayalam book into their English versions. In March 2021 her work of fiction titled, ‘Girl in a million’ was launched on Amazon with its second edition steadily making inroads into the hearts of readers.
Anitha Padanattil lives in the city of Dubai with her family.

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