Sulabh Agnihotri

Sulabh Agnihotri has multi dimensional talent in the field of literature. He is well known Hindi poet, enriching all the branches of Hindi poetry. He is an essay writer, a story writer, a play writer, he also writes for children, he is an editor and now he is a novelist too. In prose he is known for his straight forward approach. His editorials don't give you a feeling that you are reading something, you feel as if he is directly talking to you. In the field of novel even this is his first attempt, it is appreciated everywhere. He has tried to find the route of each and every little or well known character of the Ramayan in this book. Every character has got proper space - no one is obliged, no one is neglected as well. He is totally unprejudiced while giving shape to his characters. About his writing he often says, that 'I am not the creator, I am only a medium. I can't prepare a synopsis and go ahead according to it, instead I simply sit with a pen and a paper and the words come of their own.'