#justice4Justice By Soumik Chakraborty





Product Description – This story revolves around the journey of a social media rage, pumped by a viral hashtag – #Justice4Justice Mr. Balaram Shetty, a retired Chief Justice of the Bangalore High Court, expectantly waited on his 68th birthday for a midnight celebration, but the night stayed dormant. Although he lived with his children and family, but he seldom gets to meet them. No one cares about him anymore and are waiting like vultures, for his death to inherit his massive belongings. Raged and disgusted, the frustrated old man, called for a family meeting, at half past midnight to declare his final will. Greed for wealth, left his children in utter discontent, as Mr. Balaram declared to donate half of his wealth to an NGO. Next morning, the family decided to discuss about this with their father, only to find Mr. Balaram’s blood-soaked body, stabbed to death, in his bedroom, which was locked from inside. The demise of such popular personality spread like a wildfire as #Justice4Justice, and soon became #1 trending to seek for his justice. Being a high-profile case, Rajiv Bakshi, the Superintendent of Bangalore Police was assigned the case. How did the murderer escape from a room which was locked from inside and had no other escape routes? While the netizens pump up the pressure on Rajiv, he uncovers darker secrets which only increases the list of suspects instead of trimming it down to one. Will Justice be served to the one who served Justice for decades?


About the Author – Soumik was born and brought up in Kolkata in a joint family with liberal values. After an eventful school life, he completed his engineering from Haldia. Despite being a Civil Engineer, he started his career as an IT professional with TCS, 11 years ago. Soumik has a great flair for writing and he penned down his first book ‘My First Onsite’ about the memorable experiences and adventures during his stay in United Kingdom for office assignment. In 2020, he released his second book, ‘Kill it to Green it’ with Redgrab Publishers, based on a serial killer, killing Industrialists who pollute the environment which was widely acknowledged by the readers. He has a keen interest in travelling, playing guitar and he is addicted to gaming and football. His focus has always been on creating memories and unfurl his achievements. The endless domain of ‘What if’ is his favourite food for imaginative thoughts. Soumik goes by the Instagram handle Soumik_chk2410


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