The Avenge of Hafiz By Sayan Chakraborty





Product Description – AN EXTRAORDINARILY EXECUTED, AVENGE AN UNTHINKABLE GENETIC MUTATION, A DEVASTATING NEW WEAPON Kolkata, India: At dawn, an extremely important meeting was about to commence, with the very high elite people, against the threat of a heinous terrorist gang. Somewhere beneath them, an unstoppable bomb of terrifying power relentlessly counts down to destroy the city. Somewhere far from the city, Jake Jones was kept captive, and Dr. Bansal was about to inject him, with his new unthinkable super infectious drug, that would infect the whole world and turn every person unrecognizable. In this unprecedented saga, Jake Jones must free himself, and in a breathtaking race against time, to save the city, Jake must stop Hafiz Kaskar from accomplishing his desires.


About the Author – Sayan Chakraborty is the author of ‘Your Logical Sieve and You’, one of the most widely read self-help books. Super suspense and thriller novels “The Lost Manuscript” and “The Uncoded Chronicles of Tutankhamun” were also authored by Sayan. The author was involved in different assignments that have taken him all around the country. He was born in the Howrah district of West Bengal and brought up in Kolkata.
He likes playing chess and cricket and is a sports lover.


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