Stepping into their shoes

Product Description-  This book intents to make the young adults realize that the world is a beautiful place to live…Live it to the fullest, enjoy every moment and also take an effort to make it good for others – A happy soul always spreads happiness.
It comes as a reminder to the older adults to go back to their lives, try not to label the youngsters but, bring them to talk on the table and help them sort their thoughts out.
Let each one ‘give’ to the other in any small way and help re-built and maintain healthy, strong, cordial and progressive relationships making the society stronger and better.
This book might also help to clear some rooted misunderstandings within the two generations and help them understand each other, build confidence to confess and live happily ever after.
To each one of us – Try and be a good human and stay blissful throughout life.
This book is a collection of 10 real life experiences- experiences which not only changed 10 lives but, also the lives of their family members to a great extent and their acquaintances to some extent. There is goodness in everyone & everywhere- The purpose of this book is to carefully weave a strong fabric that could bridge the unnecessary gap between generations, alter some life principles, adopt some practices and enjoy this beautiful life to the fullest.

About the Author- Neeti Saharan is a daughter, a sister, a wife , a mother, a mother in law, a grandmother, a home maker, a teacher, an author, a dancer, a singer, a traveler- She believes we are fortunate of being and having human experiences, so, we must make the most of it. A gold medalist at graduation and Best Student awardee during her B.Ed. which she did 25 years later. Her first book ‘It’s time to live again’ inspired many to stop existing and start living.
She lives on the simple principle of doing her best in whatever she does.

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