Product Description-  There is an old saying, trust people, but verify! Because when perspective changes, the story changes with terrible twist…

Two dead bodies are discovered in bloodbath on 2nd January, which causes chaos in the city Vizag. And Detective Kirti is convinced that someone wanted to celebrate the New year’s eve with blood-red colour!

While detective Kirti is trying to nab the criminal, and has a potential suspect, there are more murders, under her nose. Like someone is trying to tease her and her department.

In his teenage, an incident happens, after which Nihit’s life is scarred. The incident haunts him for a decade. With the incident death’s diary is forced to add few names in it. The play begins when his past visits him again.

His entire life, there are shadows following Nihit. There is a driving force, there is a mastermind, who is blowing a whistle, while make Nihit change his decisions in his life. The Whistler!

It Looks like Nihit has brought the bloodbath, but what could be the reason?
What tragedy could have happened when he was a teenager?
What kind of shadows are following him?
Who is that mastermind and why he is a driving force for Nihit?

About the Author – Nikhil Nannaware is a Mechanical Engineer by profession from Nagpur, Maharashtra, born in 1997. Currently he is working for an Automobile Services Company. Nikhil used to read thrillers until he realised he could write. Nikhil writes whatever hits into his mind, may it be poems, or the mistery or thriller. He writes stories he thought should be out there, which aren’t out there, yet…

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