When life shows the reality

Product Description- Shikhar and Sandhya are a happily married couple, they love each other a lot but as we all know that life is not running on the same track. Misconceptions and unnecessary conflicts touched to their relationship.
Fear of losing Shikhar, Sandhya tries to commit suicide. Where love is true, a miracle happens. Sandhya survived but she started to face severe health issues, still, she lived with the same spark of positivity.
Lastly, Shikhar’s loving wife loses her breath but as she went, she elucidates to Shikhar that living life is also a passion and he had to live for himself, his family, and her remaining life too. She elucidates too that suicide is not the last option for any problem. It just ruins life not given the solution.
When life shows reality is an inspiring story that proves how true love makes you responsible or prepares you for hypercritical situations.

About the Author – Shubham is coming from an Indian Air Force family background. A commerce graduate from CSJM University. He is also a certified life empowerment coach. Writing gives him pleasure. He believes that a writer is the only thing by which a person expresses their thoughts effectively.
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