Cry Of A Chameleon By pratik hindocha





Product Description – 2014-A billionaire, Patrick King, is murdered on a winter night. Jessica Harper, Patrick’s fiance, is a prime suspect. Detective David must uncover the truth. And a bald stranger must do whatever it takes to protect Jessica. 2013-Jessica Harper takes bullet for his billionaire boss, Patrick King. Patrick must now seek a new enemy as he falls in love with Jessica, least aware that he must pass through a dark web of treachery while completely unaware of the vengeance Jessica seeks from him. In the quest he comes across a bald man, the only person who has answers to Patrick’s misery. The question remains, will Patrick get his answers in time? Will Patrick’s nemesis get better of him, or like a true Chameleon, he shall show his colour only when the stage is set?



About the Author – Pratik is a Gold Medalist Chartered Accountant and a National Seventh Rank holder Company Secretary. He has a thirteen years of experience as a finance professional in the corporate world. But, that doesn’t make him leave his Hindi roots behind. He has published Ten books so far, of which six are in Seven. He is known to be a perfectionist both as a writer and as a reviewer of books. He is a proud father of two charming young daughters, Shree & Vallari. He is also a hard core nationalist and a Marwadi at heart. He is actively engaged in creative presentations, along with his wife & daughters, to share through his Facebook and Youtube profiles. He calls himself “Sanskriti Ka Lekhak” (the author of culture). So far, he has penned and published each of his Ten books in different genres



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