Killer Queen By Vijay Sundar K.G.





Product Description – Vijay left home to evade his dark past. One day, reading in a coffee shop brought Zariah into his life. It wasn’t a passing cloud, but all of it was for real. Her humor and paintings made him lose himself in her world. He was an engineer, and she was a prostitute. Sharing their differences and love, their love life commences in a big way. Over time, the demons from his past didn’t haunt him anymore. All he wanted was a future with her. Months later, she suddenly left him after he returned home from Australia— for his own good, not to hurt him. Vijay was heartbroken and couldn’t live a day without thinking about her.

And thereafter the story goes in tears and also grotesque murders.



About the Author – Born and brought up in Chennai, K. G. Vijhay Sundar lives with his parents. Collecting experiences in the field of Digital marketing, he currently works as an AR Associate in Omega Healthcare. Since the age of twenty-two, he is an avid reader, developing a keen interest in mythology and thrillers. Other than writing, he has thing for music and comedy. Daydreaming helps him to write more every day. Recently, he has published a collection of short stories: Five Little Heartaches



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