Cursed Snake Of Lord Shiva

Product Description- Mahesh, a simple man on earth suddenly started dreaming about snakes and some mysterious magical world. He always dreamed himself […]

Stepping into their shoes

Product Description-  This book intents to make the young adults realize that the world is a beautiful place to live…Live it to […]


Product Description-  There is an old saying, trust people, but verify! Because when perspective changes, the story changes with terrible twist… Two […]

The Bachelor of Nahargarh

Product Description-  These are tough times, and tough times won’t pass easily. Survival was the only thing that the pariah people of […]

The Kalapani Rebellion

Product Description- Despite being a slave, Chinappa was living second to a king’s life in Kalapani Island, but things took an ugly […]

In Their Shoes

Product Description-What are we if not characters, from one story or another, playing our part knowingly or unknowingly, Willingly or unwillingly? What […]

” Ram Ki Agni pariksha”

Product Description- प्रोडक्ट डिस्क्रिप्शन पौराणिक उपन्यास “मानवीय गुणों की चर्मोत्कर्ष गाथा : राम” बाल्मीकि रामायण की मूल प्रासंगिक घटनाओं को आधार बनाकर राम […]

Daiveey Adhyatmic Shaktiya

Product Description-    देवी भागवत में लिखा है कि प्रलय के बाद व सृष्टि से पहले केवल देवी जगदम्बा का निर्गुण रूप […]

Aage badh kar saphalata ko choomo

Product Description-  सफल कौन नहीं होना चाहता, लेकिन वास्तव में कितने लोग सफल हो पाते हैं? वास्तव में सफलता के लिए दृढ़ता, […]